Nicki Minaj faces backlash on twitter post appreciating white media!

Nick Minaj faces backlash on twitter post appreciating white media!
A currently erased tweet that Nicki Minaj conveyed on Tuesday has held the rapper in high temp water with fans. In a program called E! Daily Pop gave an account of Nicki's continuous fight with Wendy Williams and shared a sound clasp of Nicki discussing Wendy's antagonized spouse, Kevin Hunter. The rapper was satisfied with how E! had worked on the story, so she took to Twitter to share her what she felt about it. 

"What the white ppl post. >>>>>> The blacks only post the few seconds where I raise my voice to push their narrative. #QueenRadio is back in a few days. Stay tuned," she tweeted. Promptly, reactions started to pour in from individuals who trusted Nicki was talking disparagingly about dark individuals and lauding white individuals. Others, in any case, noticed that Nicki was just talking about the media, while some concurred with her notions altogether.
Below mentioned are some of the tweets she received: 
"Nicki Minaj been hating and bashing black people all year. But y’all gonna slide past right over this and go back hating on cardi next week because some white kids on stan twitter told y’all to.
"Y'all want to act like she wrong? Do black people even buy albums or music? Hip hop is literally owned and sponsored by white people and non black people. The same way BA reclaimed the N-word is the same way white people have reclaimed hip hop 不不不不不不不不不不不不 "
"Nicki Minaj talking shit about black people and her little white gay fans come running to prove themselves... "
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