Meek's fans say he suffered from coronavirus last year

Meek's fans say he suffered from coronavirus last year
As we endure this worldwide pandemic together, we become more and moe familiar with the steps to take to prevent the spread of COVID-19. With breaking news seemingly coming out several times a day, it's hard to maintain a since of normalcy. We have found ourselves in self-isolation so as to protect the elderly and those with weaker immune systems.
Meek Mill realized early on how destructive COVID-19 very well may be. He explained that that he had influenza systems around Christmas time, where he began to think his life was in danger. As a result of his story he is begining to persuade that he had the ailment before it was a widely known.

Considering the way that the specialist couldn't distinguish what was causing his symptoms, it's conceivable that he had come into contact with the coronavirus before it was spread around the globe. While some see it as a wild theory, those within the circle of the Philadelphia rapper believe it's true.

Regardless of whether Meek really had the infection, it's important for us to maintain social separation and keep washing our hands frequently to ensure people around us. Remain safe.
"I was extremely sick in December around christmas time with flu like symptoms," revealed Meek Mill on Twitter. "Everyday I said to myself a older person cannot survive this! I lost like 15 pounds and could barely move! I never been that sick.. a doctor never told me what it was." 
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Wish you all safety and protection. 
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