J.I.D's new music will take time due to coronavirus pandemic

J.I.D's new music will take time due to coronavirus pandemic
The impacts of the coronavirus are various, and however music has become a comfort for some, even that has ended up disturbed. For J.I.D, who anticipated lining up 2018's brilliant DiCaprio 2 with a collection delivered altogether by No I.D, his best-laid plans were shockingly laid to squander. Throughout the end of the week, the Dreamville rapper took to Twitter to vent his disappointment with the progressing circumstance, which has apparently prompted a stagnation period for the once-productive author.

The tirade began with a disturbing statement, wherein J.I.D. proclaimed "this poo no fun no mo." Upon further goading, he uncovered that the issue had nothing to do with a temporarily uncooperative mind, however, had an inseparable tie to the rollout period blues. "man idk what to drop, this crap all unusual currently man," he kept, handling a fan's inquiry regarding future music.

In light of the method of reasoning that new music is superior to no music, J.I.D. rushed to reply with a tragic reality. "Alright, we do that, at that point what, no visit? Not getting the opportunity to see u folks and praise, the substance and aim of the music is far increasingly significant presently, I'm tryna line it up immaculate cuz it's difficult to make is questionable occasions," he keeps up.

A reasonable point, and one that will probably be on the brain of many-a craftsman. In any case, we have only love for J.I.D, and should he choose to trust that things will quiet down before discharging, it's a choice that must be regarded. Fortunately, it's not all morose news - J.I.D is set to show up on the up and coming Spillage Village collection Spilligion, which is expected out pre-summer or late-spring.
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