Trina on target of Khia's crude comments

Tine on target of Khia's crude comments
The sense of enmity among Khia and Trina has been longstanding. Why the two ladies have been at chances for such a long time is easy to refute, yet what is known is the affront flung from the two gatherings have been sharp as fine cutting edges. As of late, Khia got out her adversary by expressing that she needed to clash with Trina in a Verzuz fight. With the history between these two, it's suspicious that Swizz Beatz and Timbaland will give them a stage, yet it doesn't have any effect; regardless of how it occurs, Khia pronounced that she needed all the smoke.

Trina reacted to Khia's solicitation on her radio show where she set some hard boundaries and advised audience members that she wasn't going to shrivel herself to contend with any individual who isn't close to her level. It didn't take long for Khia to get wind of Trina's answer, and she bit back furiously. "Presently, I realize you're despite everything grieving the demise of your mammy, no doubt about it," Khia said of Trina's late mother who spent away a year ago after a long fight with malignancy. "So Imma let you have your little explosion of disarray and let you slide when you act as you don't have the foggiest idea about a b*tch. You ain't gon' address a b*tch, however, you sat up there and discussed a b*tch for 30 goddamn minutes."

Khia said that Trina was just acting vexed in light of the fact that she wouldn't like to fight her. She considered the Miami rapper a "floundering prostitute" and expressed that nobody is "checking for" her, either. "We can check the numbers and I run you every single mothaf*ckin' time. I gulped down you at that point, and I'm gulping down you currently." Check out her cruel video beneath.
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