Tyler joins protest on the damage of his LA golf shop

Tyler joins protest on the damage of his LA golf shop
The Fairfax District in Los Angeles was hit by protestors and raiders this end of the week, leaving shops like Flight Club and others harmed. Different properties, including the lead GOLF store, selling Tyler, The Creator's apparel image, were left in not so great condition, however that didn't prevent the rapper from joining the huge number of protestors hitting the avenues to leave their voices alone heard.

Tyler and Jasper took to the road to join the showings occurring in Southern California. He additionally gave an announcement on the harm on the harm done to his store, noticing that he could think less about the store when there are considerably more difficult issues occurring. 
"BLACK FURY: keep your eyes wide and educate yourself," "And the store is fine, but even if it wasn't, this is bigger than getting some glass fixed and buffing spray paint off, understand what really needs to be fixed out here. Stay safe, love." captioned on IG with a picture of the store.

Tyler, The Creator's shop was one of the numerous retail facade areas in Los Angeles' Fairfax District to endure harm because of the fights. Plainly, Tyler is increasingly centered around the job needing to be done - fixing racial imbalance - than some physical property.
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