Roddy Ricch is not performing at VMA 2020

Roddy Rich is not performing at VMA 2020
It's been a tremendous start for Roddy Ricch this year no matter the kind of time that the entire world is facing. Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial, his major-mark debut collection, is going viral and the kind of reviews and fan loving it has received is terrific, particularly off of the quality of "The Box" - the while Roddy Ricch is inarguably the most the best newcomer of this year, it just appeared well and good that he graced the phase at the VMAs. And keeping in mind that he was affirmed to be a piece of the craftsman line-up for the 2020 honor show, things being what they are, he's ruled against it. As per Variety, the Video Music Awards have affirmed that both Roddy Ricch and J. Balvin have been pulled out of the entertainer line-up and the two are not going to perform in the same. They didn't really determine why yet it appears to be staggeringly likely that it has to do with developing concerns encompassing the coronavirus.

"Unfortunately, J Balvin and Roddy Ricch are no longer performing,” “As with every awards show, there are always last-minute talent changes. That said, this year has more logistical hurdles than most and the health and safety of our employees and partners is of the utmost importance.”  Is the statement which was dropped to confirm the news about the same. 
While it is confirmed that the new star will not be performing at the award show, we still know that there are many things organized for them in the future and that the star will continue to do well just like the debut has turned out to be. For more details and further updates, stay in touch with Flow Online.
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