PartyNextDoor plans to drop something new

PartyNextDoor plans to drop something new
A lot of people have been assuming and have even stated that PartyNextDoor hasn't given out satisfactory amount of releases which additionally minimizes his numerous achievements as a musician and maker. Honestly, his touch has helped make OVO Sound what it is today. And keeping in mind that his releases arent very big in number just as much the audience has been expecting, the ongoing arrival of PARTYPACK appears to be a promising indication of what might be on the horizon. 
Another tweet from PartyNextDoor's record, that has since been erased, has started theory about his best course of action. "1 more album left then ima tell y'all what it's like,"  he tweeted prior to bringing down the post. There are a couple of approaches to dismember this tweet. Some have guessed he's indicating his takeoff from the mark, however he has never communicated any negative emotions towards Drake and the OVO name.
"When did black entertainment television get so complex and forget Partynextdoor is the rnb artist of our generation?""Is it because I don't wanna be friends? Is it because i put value in the art instead of people? Is it because it's not the popular opinion? I am BET I am Complex." He wrote in a deleted tweet.  
Maybe the theory that it was about OVO is the thing that made him bring it down in any case. It can likewise just be PartyNextDoor's way at communicating how undervalued he feels, as a rule. The artist went on a peculiar tirade not long ago after he got no designations at the BET Awards.
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