Tavares DAIZE

Daize in the Life



Tavares Daize returns to the hip-hop scene with his third release, WHO I AM, a well-balanced blend of mainstream and underground hip-hop, which he has coined mainground hip-hop. With its avant-garde style, innovative lyrics, and groundbreaking beats, WHO I AM maintains a fun and enthusiastic vigor.


It contains no explicit lyrics or violent content and is a free form of expression used to reinforce positive influences and impressions on the public. Tavares Daize was first introduced to the public as 3rd runner-up on the MTV Show WANNA BE A VJ-3 and went on to co-host as a special guest on the Mandy Moore Show. His debut & sophmore albums, Same Daize Different Time & Reality Check caught the attention of many young urban adults with its compelling lyrical content and powerful delivery.


This prevailing artist continues to perform all over California, gaining recognition for his musical aptitude, charisma, and appeal. He brings new flavor to the hip-hop community.


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