The Mozart Of Hip Hop
Listen to Amadeus and Cam'ron below.

He is one of the most sought after music producers out there. Don't believe it? Ask these people...

50 Cent, Mike Jones, Cam'ron, Lil Mo, The Diplomats, Foxy Brown, Talib Kweli, Cee-Lo, Jae Millz, Latoya London, Jim Jones, Joe Budden, Papoose, J.R. Writer, Cardan, Smilez & Southstar.


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TFM: When producing an major artist what are you trying to accomplish?

Amadeus: It's pretty simple. I like to bring out the best in the artists. I challenge them with the tracks I create for them. It's hot when you as a producer can take them to an area in music that they've never been before!

TFM: How did you break into the business? Is having phat
beats enough to get you in the door?

Amadeus: I got a meeting with Foxy Brown @ Chung King Studio and I went and played her some tracks, she picked two. One track was used for The Cradle 2 The Grave movie/soundtrack and the other track was used for a diss record titled "Get Off Me" getting at female rapper Eve. A lot came out of this situation, "Get Off Me" was all over the radio and on mixtapes everywhere! The song titled "My Life" was featured in the movie and on the soundtrack which also brought me my first GOLD plaque! You can have a million hot beats, but it takes more than that to get thru the steel door these industry dudes build to not let you thru!

TFM: Your influences and how they inspired you?

Amadeus: Mozart, Dr. Dre, Just Blaze, Rodney Jerkins, P. Diddy & The Hitmen, Kanye West, and the list goes on. Each one of them played different parts. Dre inspired me to have knocking drum sounds, Diddy, Just Blaze, and Kanye inspired me to sample, Rodney Jerkins inspired me to incorporate live instrumentation and to be as musical as I wanted to be. Last but not least, MOZART!! who was the GREATEST composer in the world who also created thousands of compositions and I'm definitely gonna live up to the name AMADEUS!!

TFM: What equipment do you use?

Amadeus: MPC 2000 XL, Yamaha Motif Rack, Roland Fantom Rack, MoPhat Sound Module, Xtreme Lead 1 Sound Module, G4 Powerbook. Digi 002 Rack, Radium  Midi Controller,Samson Resolv 80a Studio Monitors, Stanton Record Player, Avalon 737sp Vacuum Tube, and more!

TFM: What more important the drum pattern or the melody.

Amadeus: I feel they both are equally important! Your drums gotta be blowing speakers lol and your melodies should be painting the perfect picture so that artists can just lay his/her colors to the painting! My apologies to every studio that I've blown speakers in MY BAD!!! LOL

TFM: Is better to sample or replay a song?

Amadeus: It depends on what's more important to you as a producer, sometimes when you sample you don't  get any publishing but if the sample is undeniable I'll just go with it. Sometimes when you replay the sample it doesn't feel the same and that can ruin the record.

TFM: What is your signature beat that you put you over the

Amadeus: I would have to say the Cam'ron song titled "Take Em To Church" with him getting at rapper  Mase! That took me to the next level as a respectable producer in the game because it was one of the biggest hip hop beefs!!

TFM: What do you like to produce better Hip Hop or R&B

Amadeus: It's all the same to me until you write a song to it. That then distinguishes what genre the song becomes.

TFM: How did you connect with 50 Cent?

 Amadeus: It's a crazy story! I gave a beat CD to a G-Unit A&R by the name of D Prosper and he forwarded it to 50 Cent and the rest of the G-Unit artists and somehow one of my tracks ended up on an instrumental cd of released tracks. So, 50 Cent thought the beat came out already so he recorded a freestyle to it called "It Is What It Is" which was featured on The 2050 Before The Massacre mix tape. It was sold out everywhere!! The song will also be featured on the new DJ Kay Slay album coming soon so look out for that.

TFM: Tell us about the politics of the business and how a  beat gets placed with an artist.

Amadeus: The politics in the game is crazy and it really does exist! People don't be wanting to let dudes like myself in the game! In my passed experiences I've realized that a lot of dudes who sit behind a desk don't know what's going on when it comes to picking tracks for artists. I used to get these word a lot, "IT'S HOT BUT I DONT HEAR NOTHING I CAN USE", and then I'll meet with the artists on my own and find out they love my tracks after I play them a cd and I get on there album. So if  you can make it pass the politics you good but it won't be easy.

TFM: Who have you worked with so far ?

Amadeus: 50 Cent, Mike Jones, Cam'ron, Lil Mo, The Diplomats, Foxy Brown, Talib Kweli, Cee-Lo, Jae Millz, Latoya London, Jim Jones, Joe Budden, Papoose, J.R. Writer, Cardan, Smilez & Southstar, and more!

TFM: When making a beat tape to send to A&R what do you need to do to better your chances?

Amadeus: Make sure the beats fit the artists that they're working on, don't overload them with beats put about 8 to 10 tracks the most on the CD and of course put your hottest tracks first on the CD and you should be straight.

TFM: Who you got coming out?

Amadeus: My artists coming real soon on Platinum Boy Music! Female R&B vocalist Tiffany Mynon and male rapper Ravenus!

TFM: What do you have crackin' in the future?

Amadeus: Taking my production company Platinum Boy Music Inc. to the next level! I have two artists, female R&B vocalist Tiffany Mynon and male rapper Ravenus. Look out for them. I also just recently signed two new hip hop producers Buda and P-Lex. Along with that, I just incorporated a joint venture with Platinum producer Ced-Solo and artist manager Ken Joseph. We have two artists, female rapper KD Aubert and kid female rap group 3K's. Last but not least, I've teamed up with another Platinum producer Bradley"B-Rad" Spalter and his team of writers including hit-writer Aleese Simmons to create an awesome hit making movement. So as you can see, I have a lot going on and it's only the beginning!!!

TFM:  How can cats get at you for beats?

Amadeus: Holla at my management, New Heights Entertainment

Please only reach out to us if you are serious and focused!!!



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