This month's installment of "Amplified" is
about loveand the experience, there of.


Raheem DeVaughn's debut LP, "The Love Exeperience" will totally catch you off-guard...TRUST THAT!

We we're VERY impressed here at The Flow...this catis for real.

But, who is Raheem DeVaughn? Another Neo-Soulster?? We have TOO MANY already...right???

Nah...he's different...quick bio...peep.

His father is noted jazz musician, Abdul Wadud. After winning 2-G's, in a talent show, DeVaughn took the loot and bet on himself by slangin' his own CD's. He got noticed by Jive Records and...BAM!

As we say back in Cali...HE DID THE DAMN THANG!

Fellas...GET THIS CD for the end of your dates...If you don't come up?

It wasn't meant to be, player.

Ladies...GET THIS CD for the end of YOUR dates...If he didn't get lucky? 

You'll be ready for the next man that does.



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