"CraZee And ConfuZed" 

Listen to "Git It, Git It" below.

This month's installment of "Amplified" is about MIAMI and EVERYTHING  in it.

There's a 20 year old MC on the block, drivin' a drop-top Rolls Royce Phantom down Collins Ave.. with a car full of beautiful women..and his name isSTACK$.

Yannique Barker, b.k.a STACK$, dropped out of his third year at the prestigious USC School of Film and Cinematography to pursue this Rap Game...

He made the right decision and he NOW has the celebrity firepower to back it up.

His debut LP, "CraZee and ConfuZed", features cameos from the HEAVIEST HITTERS in Hip-Hop.

The Game, Diddy, Busta Rhymes, Trick Daddy, PitBull, Paul Wall, and Twista.

His producers??...Even sicker, man!

Scott Storch, Pharrell Williams of 'The Neptunes', Timbaland, Jazze Pha, Stevie J, and Red Spyda.

STACK$’ debut single “MIA” featured Sean 'Diddy' Combs, who is also a current "Miamian".

“Git It, Git It,” the second single off of "CraZee" features 'Chicago's Finest', Twista. 

'Rap’s MVP', The Game, is on  “Sittin’ In My Six Four” and...the always animated, Busta Rhymes is on the song, “Addicted”.


So, how did STACK$  get this much "love and support" from Hip-Hop's a debut artist... when most major artists are begging to get a celeb on a track?

Because...STACK$ has that major sick, FLOW!

“It all really started when I met Scott Storch in Miami, who has since become a friend and a mentor to me." says, STACK$.

"We vibed in the studio, dropped a couple of tracks, and the next thing I knew, he was executive producing my album. He brought incredible artists into my sessions."

"It was 'ill' to have Twista, The Game, Busta, Trick and Diddy on my debut album. It was a crazeee experience for me, a new artist, to be working with veteran artists and producers whom I long admired. To have a bunch of platinum producers and multi-platinum artists throw down on your debut album is sick!!”

If you love bangin'-ass club albums like we do here at The Flow, then "CraZee" needs to be in your CD changer.

MIAMI is unlike any other place in the world!

If you haven't been here before?

Then let our boy, STACK$ motivate you into saving your aluminum cans and bottles, so you CAN come down here and chill with US in the "MIA".

I can HEAR you in the background as clear as day, Player...talkin' bout.

"Yo' done drinkin' that soda, yet?"



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