Mobb Deep


"Blood Money"

Listen to "Put 'Em in Their Place" below.

This month's installment of "Amplified" is aboutMONEY and what it takes to get it.

Mobb Deep's G-Unit debut album, "Blood Money"(Infamous/G-Unit/Interscope) is a totally different animal than their previous three street classic albums, "The Infamous", "Hell On Earth" and "Murda Music".

Havoc and Prodigy are finally out to get paid by smashin' the radio into tiny bits n' pieces. How is that all gonna happen?... 

Go ahead and count to...50!

Love him or hate him.. 50 Cent  KNOWS how to move units and he's featured on a MIND-BLOGGLING  6songs on "Blood Money". 

Fiddy featured tracks include the Sha Money XLproduced, "Put 'Em in Their Place","Backstage Pass" and"In Love With the Moula".

Other G-Unit members  Lloyd Banks, Young Buck andTony Yayo, round out the LP's features.

Here's where the street debate starts and we'll keep it short and sweet....



True M-O-B-B  fans WON'T like the commerical appeal of "Blood Money"...not even a little bit.

Mobb's M.O. has always been "Queensbridge Grimey Hardcore Hip Hop". 

Some of that element is on the album, but not much..this is a G-Unit release.

As we all's popular Hip Hop is commercialized and those who are commercial are usually the ones selling records.

Clubheads and urban radio listeners are gonna love "Blood" because those commerical songs on the album are good ones.

Here at The Flow...ANY song or songs that have females shakin' they booties on the dancefloor on aconsistent basis...WE LIKE!..but, that doesn't mean that we'll like the whole album.

With that said...we like the album..not love, but like.

Once again, it boils down to your Hip-Hop preferences.... Street vs. Commercial.

It's your money, y'all. Make a decision and live with it.

Mobb Deep made theirs... IN BLOOD!



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