Yung Joc


"New Joc City"

Listen to "It's Goin' Down" below.

This month's installment of "Amplified" is about to go down.

How far down??... WAY DOWN to ATL!

Yung Joc's debut LP, "New Joc City" (Bad Boy South/Block Entertainment) officially begins a new era for Sean "Diddy" Combs' dynamic label.

Yung Joc's smash single "It's Goin' Down", is not only the first Top 40 charted song Bad Boy's had since 2002, but the 23 year old College Park/SWATS Atlanta native is destined to be the next BIG rap star coming out of the South.

New Joc City is nothing but club bangers with very little guest artist features...which says much about this MC's confidence.

Features includes "Flip Flop" with Cheri Dennis, "Don't Play Wit It" feat. Big Gee, "1st Time" feat. Marques Houston.

Joc has his own dance that's sweeping the "A" by storm called "Joc-in". He introduced it in his "It's Goin' Down" Video.

Cam'ron likes the song, too.

He liked it so much...he used "It's Goin' Down"to dis Jay-Z, once again with a Dipset street remix.

Joc appreciates the "diplomatic" respect but not the drama that comes with it.

"You know how technology is...cats will take your instrumental and do what they do with it," he says.

"Big ups to whoever do what they do, but don't put me in the middle of nothing. If you have a legitimate beef, do what you do, but I ain't with that beefing. I don't beef, I get money."

"I love what I do. I have no reason to beef with anybody except if you touch my paper or mess with somebody I love."

Go pick up,  New Joc City...and when Yung Joc blows like T.I. and Young Jeezy?

Don't act like we didn't tell you...



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