Rick Ross


"Port Of Miami"
Rick Ro$$
Slip-N-Slide/Def Jam


Listen to "Hustlin' remix feat. Jay-Z and Young Jeezy" below.

This month's installment of "Amplified" is about a  hustler...that hustles...everyday!

Rick Ross' debut LP, "Port Of Miami" is a monster of an album!

After being slept on by the industy while reppin' the 305 on wax for over 10 years...Def Jam President Jay-Z figuretivelypulls the trigger on this cat and the result is the best rap album of 2006.

Unless you live in a cave,  you've heard the juggernaut single,"Hustlin" in every club, car and radio in the country.

The latest single, "Push it" samples, "To The Limit"  which is a song very near and dear to the hearts of  "Scarface"  fans.

This is the same song that plays in the movie when Tony Montana first begins to get paid in the game...get the picture?

Album features include "Cross The Line" (w/ Akon), " I'm A G" " (w/ Lil' Wayne), and the Jazze Pha produced "For Da Low".

"Port Of Miami"  is 19 tracks of "puro" which also includes the remix of "Hustlin" feat. Jay-Z and Young Jeezy which spits some of the coldest things ever said out of any hustler's mouth.

The parallels between Montana and Ross are evident on this record...due to the fact that the South Floridian MC's christened himself after notorious '80's L.A. drug kingpin,Highway Rick Ross.

This line is a classic one..."I aint petty nigga / We buy the whole thang / See most of my niggas still deal cocaine."

Tony Montana can rap too...even without rhyming.

  "Me, I want what's coming to me." 
Manolo: "Oh, well what's coming to you?" 
Tony:  "The world, chico, and everything in it."

Go get "Port Of Miami", Chi Chi!



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