Red Grant

Red Grant 
Comedian and host 
Katt Williams' Pimp Chronicles II Tour

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This month's installment of "Amplified" is about a very, very, veryfunny cat named, Red Grant.


He is currently the host of The Pimp Chronicles II Tourfeaturing Katt Williams, Luenell (Borat) and Melanie Comarcho(Three Strikes).


The Washington, DC home towner, is kind of like formerWashington Wizards Legend, Michael Jordan...KIND OF. 

Jordan got cut from his high school basketball team for being too short.

Red Grant got kicked off his college football team for havingTOO much of an attitude.

After being sent home with no chance of rockin'  the NFL, he sold cars.

As Katt would say, 'Not pimpin'!"

So, Red hit the stages at the local comedy clubs and the rest of the story is all dunks, layups and freethrows. 

Def Comedy Jam, Showtime at the Apollo, BET's Teen Summitand Comic View.

He killed them, all! 

Like Eddie Murphy before him, Red Grant's contagious chucklehas audiences everywhere getting their "roll on" before he can even get to the punchlines.   

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TFM: You coming from DC, there’s a lot of talent, MartinLawrence, Dave Chappelle, yourself ...what’s it about DC that just bringing out all these comics that are just changing the game as we know it?   RG: It’s the way we live man. When you’re in DC, if you don’t laugh, you cry. You know what I mean? We grow up with what we call ‘jonin’. Everybody grows up jonin on each other so you already have a sense of funniness already. We laugh a lot even though we have a lot of pain in our city. So laughing keeps us sound. A lot of brothers from DC are some funny cats. Even cats that ain’t even on TV, don’t even do comedy are the most hilarious people I’ve ever met from DC. Real people.   TFM: The whole idea of playing the dozens and snappin’ on people is part of our culture. But like you said about DC.. you could probably go to any street corner and have somebody out there who’s good enough to be on Comic View or Def Comedy Jam. What is about your humor that differs from other metropolitan areas?   RG: I think it’s because of the simple fact that you got to be funny in DC. When you’re from DC, you got go-go dancing...everything about DC is different. You got the go-go, you got the live bands, and I don’t even think that people know about live bands around the country. Hip-Hop is so wrapped around beats and beat machines and all of that. So we’ve got a different culture and stuff anyway. If you go and you hang out with me one day, we’ll go to the barbershop and you’ll see how funny things are. Then we’ll go to the corner and we’ll see how funny people are.   TFM: You’re out on tour with Katt Williams with The Pimp Chronicles. How does it feel to work with his comedic mind?   RG: The good thing is we both come from struggle. Different struggles but struggles in their own right. Katt truly is a pimp in his own right. When I say that I don’t mean, a street pimp. What I’m talking about is someone who understands. Like Ice T told me one day, "You gotta pimp the game." [Katt] understands that he’s getting the most out of his talent and you’re suppose to. You’ve got to take it as far as you can go and keep making your talent better. A lot of people, they go certain levels and then they just stop. They get comfortable. Katt’s NEVER comfortable and that’s what I love about him. He teaches me that “don’t never be comfortable”, you funny as hell but don’t be comfortable, go all the way till you can’t go no more. He ain’t a selfish dude either. He wants people to do good unlike some comedians. They get kind of soft when somebody is on the show that’s funny as hell. Because I go out there and blow shit up, I blow it all the way up. Katt comes right behind me and blows it all the way up more. And that’s how he’s suppose to to it.   TFM: You know Katt sold a lot of ringtones, man. We need someRed Grant ringtones. What's REALLY goin' on?   RG: Red Grant ringtones are coming out. I'm definitely gonna hit 'em with the laugh. Everbody knows me for my laugh, so I'm gonna hit 'em with some Red Grant laughs real quick. So when you hear the laugh you know to answer your phone. We're working a deal with Comedy Central also to do the Red Grant Show. I like my position and the team I'm on. I don't wanna get traded.   TFM: You are by far one of the funniest cats when it comes down to parodies. You come up with ideas for popular songs that I wouldn’t even went with it. I went to your site and saw some of the videos skits and I couldn’t put 2+2 together. You put 2+2together and came up with 800.   RG: I like to do comedy on a lot of different levels because people like to laugh on many different levels. When I do them parodies, I be in a zone. I just change them up. I’ll call them the remixes to the remixes. I won’t mess your song up but I think I make them better. Because, people want to laugh at the same time. You’ve already made it popular…I’m gonna go behind you and make it funny. So, when it comes to creative parodies, I don’t think that’s there’s too many people that can touch me. Weird Al Yankovic,he’s on a certain level but I’m the black…him.

TFM: What else you got poppin'?

  RG: My new DVD that coming out called  "You Talkin' 'Bout Me?, that we just produced through Movieos. It's the best dudes off the street against the best dudes off of TV. I just got tired of guys on the street saying that they funnier than this person, they funnier than that person. So I put 'em all together and made e'm go head-up, battled, just straight head-up. The Comedians off TV against the Comedians off the street. It's never been done before and a lot of people got their feeling hurt....A LOT OF PEOPLE!   Check Red out at:



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