E.B. Wright

E.B. Wright 


The Next Generation of Hip-Hop/Daughter of Eazy-E.
Eazystreet Entertainment

Listen to "E.B. Wright on father, Eazy-E Interview" below. 

This month's installment of "Amplified" is about the daughter of a legend, who is also part of the next generation of hip-hop, Erin Bria Wright.

Professionally known as "E.B.", (the daughter of the late Eric "Eazy-E" Wright, founder of N.W.A.) the MTV My Super Sweet Sixteen star is currently prepping her debut LP for fall '07 release.

Her first single, "Candy Girl" feat. Farrah Franklin (formely ofDestiny's Child, is produced by multi-platinum producer Seven Aurelius (formely of Murder Inc.)

With additional production work from Fredwreck, Juice and possibly Black Eyes Peas frontman, Will.i.am, E.B. is about to really "Express Herself."

While most sixteen-year-olds are still frantically searching to find themselves, E.B. is " 100 Miles and Runnin' " her own record label, Eazystreet Entertainment with her mother, music industry veteran Tracy Jernagin.

She is also Co-Founder of the Eazystreet Kidz Foundation, a Charity Organization founded by her mother in 1996 to help under privileged children in urban communities.

Did we mention that she is producing her own television "reality show" and signature clothing line?

E.B. Wright is about blow big bubbles in the game.

*Special thanks goes out to Jerry & Gayle Heller for introducingThe Flow  to this very talented young prodigy.

TFM: Being the daughter of Eazy E., do you feel any pressure to live up to his legacy as an icon in this industry?

EBW: You know what? Being the daughter of  Eazy-E, I don't really feel that much pressure. But kind of in a way, people expect me to be as good [as him]. A lot of people say that my father wasn't the best rapper, but there was something about him.

So that's what I'm kind of going for. That little
 "it factor" that he had. There is kind of a little pressure because he's Eazy-E, but at the same time since I'm a girl and I'm much younger, it's a whole different feel. It's like, "Let me do my own thing." It's kind of like that.

TFM: I had the pleasure of meeting your father, way back in the days. And I had a good vibe from him when I did meet him.

EBW:  Nice!

TFM: Yeah. So what I'd like to ask you is...I don't know how young you we're before he passed, but what was your most pleasant memory regarding your father?

EBW:  He passed when I was about 4 1/2 and it's crazy 'cause I still have 'flashbacks' to this day, when we actually flew to Disney World. He took me and I think one of my other brothers and sisters, I can't remember which one it was and we flew to Disney World on a private plane. So I think that was like the coolest moment. 'Cause it still stands out, so it has to be one of the best.

TFM: Tell us a little bit about Eazystreet Entertainment and you being a young record mogul.

EBW:  I started Eazystreet Entertainment with my mom, Tracy Jernagin. She's also been in the music business for about 17 years, now. She's managed a lot of people like Lil' Half Dead andSeven Aurelius who was signed to Murder Inc. She's been in the game for quite some time, along with my father. So with me coming from two music people, I just 'got it on me'. So we started our own record label just so I could do my own thing. Being at a big record label when they sign somebody, you can't really do what you want to and you don't know how big of a priority you are to them and all that stuff. So we figured, "Let's just do our own thing." Like my father had Ruthless Records back in the day.

TFM: I know grown men who can't run THEIR record companies. How did you get so savvy at such a young age to do something of this nature?

EBW:  (Laughs) It's just me and my mom. She didn't have any other kids. We've always been like "ride-or-die". She's been my best friend, my sister, my mom, my everything. And she knows so much of this business that it's just something that comes natural [to me] ever since I was young. I got it from her. She just passed it down and I've been doing it. Everything she wants to do, I'm always interested in and we just go for it.

TFM: MTV Shows and films...you're doing all type of stuff, huh?

EBW:  Yeah, I'm all over the place. (Laughs) Well, I did My Super Sweet Sixteen and that was great! We shot that for about two months. And it was even better for me because it gave me a chance to get a feel for all the cameras being around...all the time.MTV has definitely been great. I just came back from New Yorkand I did the reunion show with all the girls from the other seasons. We met and talked about all of our parties and everything. Also they did a Sweet Sixteen Movie. So they asked me to be in that movie which was really exciting. And now I'm shooting my own pilot for my own reality show.

TFM: What's up with the album?

EBW:  I'm trying to get the album out, late this year. I'm not exactly sure on what the date is, but I'm very excited for it. I'm trying to get it out, ASAP.


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