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"You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus." -Mark Twain


Need high end graphics for your website, album cover or video page?


Get Belm Designs on your team, ASAP!




Because... Mark Bell is an inivative and creative genius!


His very successful company, Belm Designs is an integrated multimedia development studio located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, CA that specializes professional web and graphic design services for hip-hop artists, groups, record labels and high-tech business corporations.


He is also a creative consultant for The Flow Online Magazine. 

So... he HAS to be one of the best!



TFM: How long have you been doing graphic design?

MB: I have been in graphic design for 11 years. I started my career in 1996 working as a video game designer/animator for a company called Xtreme Games. That same year I started Belm Designs, a multi-disciplinary design studio. We worked on avideo gametitle for Simon and Schuster Interactive which was a subsidiary of VIACOM. The game was a 3rd person shoot-em-up style game, like Doom.


TFM: What got you interested in design?


MB: I have always enjoyed design of all types from industrial design, fashion, architectural and graphic design. I have always been creative and hands on type of person. I think there are many different ways to solve a problem, so there are endless possibilities to create solutions for those problems - not so much "problems"but "challenges".

TFM: Artistically, how do you differ from who’s doing graphics out there now?


MB:  I think that I am one of the few that are hands-on in just about every aspect that a creative process can have. You say designer but I am actually much more than that and our studio offers a vast array of creative disciplines. I do everything from creative direction, photography, video shooting, editing, visual effects, 3D rendering, sound studio recording, sound effects creation and editing. All of these things I am capable of doing myself. With my associates you have the same disciplines plus expansion into marketing strategy, tactics and illustration. 

Just about everything you could want from an agency can be done here in-house. As a designer, myself, I have to stay current with what is happening and not just in the states but world wide because the internet has brought us all that much closer. I feel that you must have an artistic eye, and be able to notice things that are right in front of you, be able to appreciate the simplicity in something. Those are things I incorporate into my work as a whole, and others that have worked with me and my studio have taken notice.

TFM: Do you work better when the client gives you a concept to go by or just being creative and going with what comes to your head?


MB: That's a tricky question because we've had situations where creative freedom was given and the concepts created that tested great, but the client just wasn't on board with the design. So part of the job in managing the account you have to step back and work with the client to make sure their goal is met, even if it means doing something you wouldn't normally do. However we don't turn out garbage, so it's give and take between good design practices and what the client wants.

TFM: So being that there is so much competition what do you do to keep yourself in the mix and getting business?


MB: I  don't worry to much about the competition [anymore]because I know given the chance Belm Designs can always take our clientele to the next level when called upon. Plus the fact that there are different levels of creative services for different levels of clients makes for plenty of work out there for all of us.


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