Graffiti: The Art of Hip Hop

Graffiti: The Art of Hip Hop

Thinking back to my love of heart I engaged with graffiti art about mid-way through my adolescence. Movies like Krush Groove and Break'in opened my eyes to the urban style of illustration, comic book creativity, life drawing, sereal typography and impressionism. The later two I did not even know the meaning of until my art appreciation class in art school. But Graffiti art is one of the influences in my career as a graphic designer and can see many artist of my generation share the same influence. 


Unfortunately, Graffiti art seems to get a bad rap as it is mostly associated with vandalism seen on poor neighbordhoods dirty environments but it deserves the same appreciation as a Picasso or Rembrandt as each peice comes from the same source of passion with the intent to speak for it's creator, whether it be political, social, or simply to stretch the lengths of their own creativity.


Graffiti Art is certainly a major component of Hip Hop but sometimes forgotten. The art form has caught on as the rest of Hip Hop culture around the world. The discipline can be witnessed in France, Germany, Japan, China, Argentina, Australia and many other urban areas throughout the world. 


The Flow Online recognizes it as a significant element of Hip Hop culture and even created a platform for graffiti artist to pitch their skills against each other in our BattleBoyz section called Graffiti Bombs. It's a new section for our site so if your a graffiti artist feel free to be one of the first to Sign Up. Here graffiti artist can upload their graffiti creations and pitch them against other artist on a platform where The Flow community can vote for the best Art. The Flow Online is an advocate for the art form and encourage artist to join The Flow Online to further expose this significant influence of both Hip Hop and Popular Culture.



 Every year, some of the finest graffiti artist are invited to show off their skills at the most prestigious place to paint in all of the graffiti art The NYC Graffiti Hall of Fame community based mural project at The Jackie Robinson Educations Complex (Jr. High School 13) located at 106 St. Park Avenue in East Harlem, NYC.


The event in it's 31st year will take place on Saturday August 25 and Sunday August 26, 2012. During these two days of Hip Hop this event will draw thousands of individuals of different cultural background together from NYC and abroad to see graffiti art culture at it's best.



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