Tia Ferrara

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Tia Ferrera
Totally Fierce
by Roger Hooks, Jr.



The Flow Online is always on the look out for up and coming talent in Hip Hop but this time we had a taste for some new R&B and boy did we find it. With a light bird song of a voice we introduce to some and present to others Tia Ferrara. Tia's sound can be likened to Ashanti and she is just as pleasant on the eyes. We caught up to Tia for a bit to get to know a bit more on behalf of you, our readers and this is what she had to say. 


TFM: Hey Tia, First and foremost. Represent for the West Coast and the Greater, Greater Bay Area and let' em know where you are from.


Tia: Well, I was born in San Diego Ca but grew up in Sacramento


TFM: You were born into a family of musicians. Who stood out most as a musician in your family and you influenced you most?  


Tia: My momma!!!! She's one of my biggest influences.


TFM: I was raised in the church with church choir being part of my life since I was a kid. How was music part of your childhood?


Tia: It was everywhere!!!! My mom woke up and cleaned the house to her favorite songs every saturday! lol


TFM:  Who was your celebrity influences in music?


Tia: Mariah Carey, Sade, and Shania Twain

 Tia Ferrera 2

TFM: Your bio mentioned you had a very secure life before you pursued your music career.


Tia: What did you do? I worked in a Hair Salon as hairdresser


TFM: Wow! A Hair Dresser? That explains why you hair is flowing in every picture whether it be candid, behind the scenes or in front of the camera.


TFM: Taking a step to pursue your dream can be scary move for most anyone. When you moved to Los Angeles describe the emotions you had about the big move.


Tia: I was scared as hell I cant lie!!!! Had no idea what to expect but the ride has been amazing!


TFM: Sometimes the recording artist have inspiring stores on how they sacrificed and made it so far. Describe to our readers one of the biggest let downs you've had in the industry right now and how you fought it back and turned it into a positive result.


Tia Ferrera 3 

Tia: Honestly there have been a few, from breaking a toe the day before a show to being in a horrible car accident the day of one and still performing, the sound going out etc but I've learned its part of the learning process. I want to continue to learn and grow so I try to always find a positive.


TFM: Now we gotta keep it real and admit that you could be one of our FlowStoppers which is the section of our site where we feature Flow Models that are so fine they can stop the flow of traffic. I might even want to call you up to accompany me to the next red carpet event. With that said I know many of our readers are thinking much of the same thing and would like to know what your status is.  


Tia: Thank you so much thats a huge compliment! Im blushin...well someone pretty special has my heart right now.


TFM: So that wraps up this part of the interview with Tia Ferrara the next up and coming R&B sensation. She also has a hot video out called "Ladies Night". To check out more of her interview and find out her thoughts behind the video, what major retail shoe store is featuring it and see the Ladies Night music video itself, click on the video player below.




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