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Just months after the Christopher Dorner story, an LA Police Officer fired from his job for reasons that he believed were the result of speaking out against police brutality, Bay Area Local Boy Ansar Muhammed, will make his film debut with his thought provoking, gut wrenching film “Crimes of Police” also known as “C.O.P.”. The newly released film is already highly regarded. So much so, that it will serve as the  featured opener for the International Film festival held in Oakland, CA, a city haunted by Police Brutality incidents of it’s own. 


We chose this film because of the relevance to what is going on today

--David Road, Oakland Film Society and Director of the Oakland Black International Film Festival


The film takes you on an emotional journey to the opposite side of controversial police shootings you hear on the news. Here you are afforded an up close and personal conversation with the victim’s families that are left behind by those lives taken by those sworn to protect them. Muhammed takes you on a trip to the early days of the Black Panthers and the civil rights struggle where police brutality ran rampant throughout black communities across the nation. He also brings you up to more recent incidents and allows you to see each of them through the eyes of the Mothers, Fathers and other family members that believe their sons were unjustifiably murdered by officers of the law.




 “Having my film chosen to kick off the Oakland International Film Festival is one of the greatest rewards i could receive for the time and dedication i put into creating this film. This is the type of platform I had in mind when i said i wanted these families stories to get out to more people......To have this film screen in the very backyard of a police department that has historically mistreated the minority population of the community is a huge reward.”

--Ansar Muhammed

The film discusses events where peace officers, sworn to protect the citizens of the communities in which they serve, shot and killed, an unarmed 16 year old, James Riviera and James Cook who had no criminal record. The film also explores 6 additional cases just as questionable. Six of which were African-American and one Hispanic. All but one were unarmed.


Ansar Muhammed, a local activist against violence of any kind in the community was a victim of police brutality himself as teenager. But rather than sit on his hands Muhammed took to the streets with his message of peace, positivity and the elimination of human injustice, sharing his story of evolving from a life of crime while being raised in Palo Alto by his mother and grandmother. Ansar is also a strong supporter of the Greater Bay Area youth music scene shooting over 60 music videos perfecting his craft and providing an affordable resource for those pursuing a career in the art of music. His credits includes both cutting edge entrepreneurs and Hip Hop legends such as Hoodstars, Richie Rich, E-40, Too Short and MC Hammer.




I have been a supporter of Ansar since he finally decided to step out and be a difference in his community. Whether it be through music, his stand on non-violence or his pursuit of removing the injustice that still exist in today’s society, he continues to be a positive light that young men and women can follow. He is a true representation of the positivity that exists in Hip Hop that rarely gets recognized and that’s the part we here at The Flow want to make sure gets it’s just do.

  -- Roger Hooks, CoFounder of Silicon Valley Hip Hop Start-Up,  


 The film poses the question “Can those who are trained to first protect themselves really protect the public when the publics life is second priority?” Crimes of Police will open the Oakland International Film Festival with a showing at the Grand Lake Theatre in Oakland, CA on April 4th 2013 and again at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre on April 6th, 2013. Watch the film and answer the question for yourself.






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