Lasro The King


Lasro The King: Kingdom Come

There comes a time in one's music career when making a statement is not only needed, it is expected. And when you are "royally-christened" as, Lasro The King?

That time is now.

With his forthcoming "self titled" debut LP, the Guyanese Dynamo's R&B/Soul driven concoction with a Caribbean twist, is as satisfying as an ice-cold Ginger Beer on a warm summer day at Shell Beach.

Songs such as: “Falling", "Good life", and "My Everything" will take you back to the time when Marvin Gaye and Donny Hathaway would sing uplifting messages of love, peace and tranquility.

Lasro is sweet-sounding "feel good music" for a world who truly needs to come together, as one.

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