Missy Elliot Releases Banger, Prep Rally

Missy Elliot Prep Rally Single Cover


You didn't know you were missing Missy until her return. Then you realize her return to music was so long overdue. Missy Elliot dropped a single last year “WTF,” a Pharrell-produced comeback single accompanied by a bananas video. It's not like Missy hasn't been trying though. She had a few left field falst starts accompanied by a few health scares but now she's back.


“Pep Rally,” her newest single, debuted Sunday night in a Super Bowl ad. (The Super Bowl, improbably, is a big part of the Missy comeback narrative). “Pep Rally” is basically the sum of its parts: an electronic horn sample straight out of a Cash Money heyday release, Missy’s cheerleading, a thumping bass drum. “It’s a pep rally! A pep rally! A pep rally!” repeats the chorus, so often it becomes hypnotizing. The vibe is meant to be reminiscent of Any Given Sunday and does a good job of capturing that. If you are a work-out fiend it will be a good song to get your sweat on to. It might also serve as a great clapper for our exotic dancing friends, if you know what I mean. Overall, Miss Elliott didn't cease to impress with this club banger. It's sure to get it's share of downloads. Get yours at iTunes.




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