Axion Jaxion ft. Goldie Gold & 2 Chainz

Axion, Goldie, 2 Chainz


Bay Area rapper, Axion Jackson has been consistently climbing the ranks the last few years. This lyricist already has his formula for rap success down to a science and it's mainly due to his sharp delivery and even sharper lyrical content.

Now? His slapping new single, "Shindigg" ft. Atlanta's Trap Superstar, 2 Chains and Goldie Gold is "good work" from the East Bay to College Park, Georgia.

TFO: Where exactly do you hail from?

AXION: Hayward, California. Palma Ceia, foe foe trees to be exact. I don't really even like to say, I'm from Hayward because we don't get along with nobody from Hayward. We are the most hated Turf in Hayward. It's Pomacea against everybody! That's how I feel so I'm from The Park, the foe and Palma Ceia, West Hayward, California.

TFO: You've been building your buzz for a few years now out in The Bay Area. How has the process been for developing and building your career outside of The Bay?

AXION: Man to be honest with you, it's been real real hard. I've been fighting a case for about four years and that has slowed me down tremendously. Not to make any excuses, every man has their walls, every man has their issues and you know, you got to get over it. But I can honestly say that this case has really really held me back from being able to leave the state, leave the country and go out and be able to mingle and meet people and rub shoulders with the people that I need to rub shoulders with. So I say, once this probation and this case stuff gets over with? Man, you know I can pretty much start going in and getting back to you know being the Axion Jackson that I was before and start making these moves that I need to make to get to where I need to be.

TFO: How did you hook up with 2 Chainz and Goldie on your new hot single "Shindigg."

AXION: I can't give you all the answers and all of a sudden make you the plug, but you know some strings was pulled you know? And some ropes was yanked, and we knew some people that know some people, and we made it happen, you know I'm saying? And they ended up being a very good look for a tall man! I hope in the future it expands and is able to get on a bigger platform because I really feel like that song is a very good song. I also will ask 2 Chainz to be on my lead single off of my solo project which is called "Uppers and Downers."

TFO: What's the driving force behind you and your music?

AXION: Honestly man, I'm a keep it real with you. Since I've been 14 years old, I've done lost somebody every year and I'm 30 now. I've lost a lot of friends to these streets man, and I lost my baby brother you know? I lost a lot of really really close friends.

Oscar Grant that got killed at Fruitvale BART Station by that punk ass pig while he was in handcuffs was my best friend.

TFO: How did you get your name, "Axion Jackson"?

AXION: Honestly, I can't speak on that on camera. I'm just going to leave you all to y'all to y'all's imagination, okay? I was in these streets putting in work! So you know basically what I'm saying. You got the hunch now, you know what I'm saying? That's just what it is. 





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