Eddie Bell: Photographer of the Stars

Eddie Bell

Eddie Bell has quickly established himself as one of Los Angeles and Las Vegas' foremost photographers. Eddie specializes in headshots, celebrity photos and video. Eddie is a master of lighting, catering to each client by insuring his or her comfort and ease before the camera.

Eddie is ready to tackle your next job, whether it's for actors, weddings, corporate photography, commercial print, children and celebrity photography.


TFO: Who exactly influenced your style of photography?

EB: My wife, family, and friends influenced my style of photography. They pointed out the talent that was there. I knew that I had an eye for certain things, but they brought it out more.

TFO: Explain the process when you are coming up with your concepts and ideas for photoshoots.

EB: When I see something that stands out to me based on my eye, I follow it with my heart. I shoot photos with emotion.
The eye and emotion are connected for me.

TFO: What are your future long-term goals in life?

EB: My future goal is to become the best photographer, videographer, and possibly do some directing.

TFO: What artist(s) or entertainers do you want to work with and who have you worked with in the past? 


EB: I did a shoot for up and coming actress Takenya, and will be doing headshots for other actors. Some of the ultimate shoots that I would like to do in the future would be for actress Taraji P. Henson, K. Michelle, Usher, and get to the point that I can shoot quality celebrity events like award shows.

TFO: What are some tips you give your clients before a photoshoot with you?

EB: I always advise them to relax, be confident, and smile. Sometimes I play music and coach them as I shoot. Some clients you have to bring things out of them.

TFO: Are there any special photography projects from you that we should to look out for?

EB: As I said, I just did a shoot for up and coming actress Takenya Banks, doing and up and coming shoot for actress Kisha Simone. I  also have a wedding and a celebrity shoot. I will update with The Flow Online first, to reveal my celebrity shoot that will be coming up in the near future.

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TFO: Where can up and coming talent in the entertainment sector contact you for your services?

EB: I can be contacted on Instagram under Myshowbell and my cell 951-581-3283. My company is called E-L-B Photography.
I'm here to service your photo needs. I look forward to building a relationship with you, and servicing your photo needs.

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