Mike Dean: What If I Had a Father?

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Story, Audio Interview and Review by Matthew Shack. 
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Mike Dean, a native of Columbus, Ohio, is the Director of Franklin County YouthBuild, an affiliate of YouthBuild USA, a national non-profit organization whose mission is to “unleash the intelligence and positive energy of low-income youth to rebuild their lives” has written the brilliant and emotional memior, "What If I had a Father." http://www.deanbooks.com

Dean is also a successful entrepreneur and Founder and Pastor of Power City Church, an Ohio based ministry. With that said, 'WIIHAF' is not just a book based on spritiual enlightment. It is a riviting coming-of-age story of survival, hope and determination that is as entertaining as any episode of "HBO: The Wire".

Dean hosts his an internet radio talk show called “Holla @ me!” where subject matter includes the issue of fatherlessness along with other current relevant topics facing our society, today.

The book is written from a 'what if' perspective regarding fatherhood and it's importance in the life of growing children. Dean who is now a husband of nine years and father of five, goes from a promising student with college basketball aspirations to a successful drug dealer at the swing of a pendulum, to the reality of becoming a father himself, all while still in high school.

In a nutshell, a great story consists of three critical elements: A character in pursuit of a goal while facing of an obstacle or challenge. How the character resolves (or fails to resolve) said challenge, and the creation of drama and human interest that keeps us engaged in the story.

 "What If I had a Father" is now only the epitome of great story, it is theatrical and big screen worthy. It is also a must-read.

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Listen to Mike Dean's captivating MP3 interview with The Flow's, Matthew Shack.
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