Drake and BlocBoy JB drop 'Look Alive'



Look Alive everybody, Look Alive. If there's any time to start moving around getting bounce on, it's a time when Drake jumps on a track with one of the hottest up and comers in the Rap game, BlockBoy JB. Reigning from the same town as Yo Gotti, Blac Youngsta, and Moneybagg Yo, BlocBoy JB is out the gate of a stable of thorobreds. It's no wonder that Drake referred to him as his favorite rapper when he posted Bloc's latest joint 'Shoot'.


Drake himself is still flying high off of his debut of his God's Plan hit where gives away a million dollars but the sharing of blessings didn't stop there. It continued on when he invited Bloc to be featured on his joint 'Look Alive'. it's Definitely a club banger but basicaly the sequel to “Rover”: Both layed down by one of today's hottest young producers Tay Keith. he drives the track with a classic upright piano chord loop and keeps it on pace with a active high hat. As a result it flaunts the minimalist philosophy in music that Apple has for it's products. Both produce world leading results. The keyboard-powered beats give room for the duo to breath and flex. It's that's flexing that give the track it's identity. Drake, of course, makes the most of it as few are better at leveraging the weight of their reputations against their haters. He floats through “Look Alive” with things like, “I’ve been gone since like July/Niggas actin’ like I died,” making it known where he still stands in the game. Each line is a move in a play to amass power, and with BlocBoy backing him up, Drake gets some of his grit back. But Not to be outdone by any means, JB gets his, with raps that compare guns to instruments and Febreze bottles, backing Drake’s tough-guy play. “I got the rounds like Sugar Ray Robinson/Shot to the chest have you gaspin’ for oxygen,” he shouts. Simultaneously BlocBoy JB and Drake stand back to back shaking up anybody who's looking to step up.


It's not all that usual for seasoned veterans however, to make a habit of putting on up and comers. Instead, Hip Hop tradition has almost made a prerequisite for young rappers to have to make their mark by calling out a veteran in a battle. But just as much as this tradition was entertaining it also caused turmoil, in many cases beefs and in some cases deaths. So rather than battle the next generation perhaps Drake sees it better to bless them with the opportunity that he had also been blessed with. After all there's nothing to be lossed and more fans to be gained which blesses everybody. in a world where showing love and unity, at times, appears to be totally lost it's nice to see evidence that it "Looks Alive". Look Alive. Cop at at your favorite download location.


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