Drake’s sudden appearance causes a scene at Lenox mall

Drake lenox mall

Just imagine you are shopping at a mall and find a large group of security guards coming towards you with your favourite hip hop artist walking in the middle. Yes, something similar happened at the Lenox Mall, Atlanta on Tuesday. A herd of guards were found walking in the mall with famous singer Drake walking in the middle amongst them. 

He was found roaming in the mall in an Adidas jumpsuit, with a large bunch of guards walking around him for his protection. He was spotted entering the apple store and remained inside for a while, but who knows for what!

To your surprise, his appearance at the mall did not create a huge havoc, like always but still a few of his fans managed to come across him and take a few selfies. However, people tried to post certain videos and snapchats and some of them also tweeted saying that employees left their stores just to catch a glimpse of this famous celebrity walking around the mall, casually.

Drake lenox mall nike store

While this was all about how fans surprisingly got to meet Drizzy, out of nowhere. We will keep you updated with more such fan moments at The flow online.

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