Kanye West reveals track lists of upcoming albums

kanye west new albumKanye West as we all know has also given his best when it comes to working on his new albums. We also know that he has been going really busy due to his upcoming albums on which he is seen working day and night, relentlessly. While he is not only found working in one album, but on several, simultaneously, his fans are eagerly waiting for him to declare something about the same so that their curiosity levels can come down a little.

Kanye is not only working on his personal album but also on a collaboration, Kidz See Ghost. To your surprise, them both will be getting released in the month of June. Not only this, but he is also putting his efforts on the production side where various albums are on the edge of getting produced.

He recently posted a video on twitter where he was found working on several beats and albums, all together, at the same time. Through this clip his tracklist got revealed which was written with a market on a white board, placed right next to him. The details of the same are given below. Take a look to know what these albums are and which songs to they consist of:

Kids See Ghost
1. Feel The Love
2. Kid See Ghost
3. 4th Dimension
4. Ghost Town
5. Cudi Montage
6. Devils Watchin
7. Reborn


Pusha T's King Push
1. If You Know U Know
2. Sociopath
3. Games We Play
4. Come Back Baby
5. Infrared
6. Hard Piano
7. How Do You Respond
8. Santaria 


Kanye West

2. Extacy
3. Wouldn't Leave

The last album has missing list of contents, which might soon get announced by the artist himself. While our team will keep a check on what he posts next, as a reader, you must also stay in touch with us at The Flow online to get information about the same, they moment they reach us. To know more, call or mail. 

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