Tekashi shows off his new tattoo during the European tour

Tekashi shows off his new tattoo during the European tour

Just like whips, tattoo is another thing which rappers and hip-hop artists love immensely. You might have come across a lot of artists who have inked up their bodies and even faces. For a lot of them, face tattoos are reminders which keep motivating them that they need to work relentlessly till they make it to the music industry, like other established and top-notch artists.

Tekashi 6is9ine is one of those popular artists who is known for these tremendous tattoos. Most of them are inked up on his face. In his recent tour which took place in Europe, he showcased his new tattoo which is made on his face right above his eyebrow. It is said that he found something missing on his face near the forehead area and hence consulted a tattoo artist to get it filled. This is how he got his new floral designed rightly inked above his brow which was easily seen while he performed during the tour.

Some people also believe that this tattoo of his has come right after he was accused of having fake face tattoos. Maybe this was his way of telling the truth that all the tattoos that he has on his face are very much real and not fake. He also revealed that the same were not visible during the summer jab because he got them covered with make-up at that time. The same, however, are not very much visible along with his new ink.

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