Kanye and Tekashi hit the studio for another link up this week

Kanye and Tekashi

If you haven’t noticed already, you must by now know that Kanye has a liking for the music that suits the younger generation, more. A new photo is found the social media which clearly states that Kanye and Tekashi are hitting the studio to come up with a new kind of a collaboration. This is their second meet in the studio this week and it clearly indicates that something extremely powerful and exciting is coming from their end. 

The picture was shared by Tekashi’s photographer. It was taken in Columbia studio and while uploading it, he captioned it by writing:

“Back at it like a crack addict.”

 Unfortunately, there is no news or hint about what they are planning to come up with. Since, no audio or hints are dropped by them, directly. We are still waiting to know what their next thing is going to be all about. However, if you haven’t checked out what this image looks like then you must because it is all over Instagram today.

You might also find it easily on Facebook, twitter or even google for that matter, because this news turns out to be a trending and sizzling one. 

To know more about this collaboration, remain in touch with us at Flow online. You may drop a mail or call up in case of queries. We wish to hear from you soon. 

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