Cardi B showcased her rivalry for Nicki Minaj in New York Fashion Week!

Cardi B showcased her rivalry for Nicki Minaj

Cardi B,  professionally known Internet Celebrity is an American Rapper has seized warmth from the crowd around the globe at the very young age. At the beginning of her career revealed that she was a striper at the age 18 and quit the same at 23 after she bloomed to the social media swiftly. The upcoming years promised her brightening future and great luck.

In year 2015 she appeared on VH1's reality show named Love & Hip Hop and quit the show in 2017 to make full time for music and had a viral hit for her very first single" Bodak Yellow". With the time she was ranked to first female rapper to attain multiple hit songs on the chart.   

It is often heard two women celebrities can never be good friends. However, Cardi B proved this statement by making an ugly fight at the New York Fashion week with Nicki Minaj. The aura inside the Harper's Bazaar Event heated up after both the rappers involved in physical altercation. As per the reports, it is  revealed that Cardi B threw her shoe at Nicki Minaj and was seen escorted out the place barefoot with large bump over here left eye.

After the incident took place, two of them again showed their rivalries over the Instagram throwing their comments over each other.

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