Demi Lovato’s first public appearance post drug overdose

Demi Lovato’s first public

Demi was recently spotted walking alone outside her rehab centre, with a wide smile on her face. Her facial expression spoke clearly of her current state. The shine in her eyes and grin from one ear to another, depicted her god recovery. For all those who had been wondering what she was up with all this while, it is for their information that Demi had been suffering from a natal drug overdose since the beginning of this year. Her mother told the reporters and other media agencies, that the drug dealer who used to sell stuff to Demi had given her fentanyl laced pills. 

Demi, however, was taken to the rehab centre, immediately after her health had started going down due to the pill’s over dose. It has also been observed that her ex boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama has been visiting her regularly, since her rehab news has come out. However, the artist did not make any public appearance since then but just now during the weekend. 

With coffee in hand, Demi looked way better than how she had looked when she came across this unknown trouble. If we all begin to judge her solely through her looks and not what is going inwardly, we must say that she looks absolutely fine and cheerful from the outside. The rest will be known only when she comes out of the rehab and shares a few conversations with journalists or media persons. 

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