Young Dolph gifts his friend a new car!

young dolph gifts his friend a new car
Young Dolph, as well all know, has been a doing a great job in his profession. The kind of money that he is earning clearly speaks of his hard work and diligence. He drops almost half a million dollars at Dolce and Gabbana. Not only this, but the artist has recently bought a camo Rolls Royce to add to his collection. The Memphis rapper, portrays clearly and money is never a matter of trouble or concern for him and he has plenty to spend on himself and now on his friends too. 
A new story has come out which says that the artist has recently gifted a Mercedes Benz to his longtime friend. He took to Instagram to share this news, where he posted a clip gifting his childhood friend a new plush car. Both of them have been seen walking around this car in the clip, and then there comes this time where Dolph takes out the car's keys and tosses it towards his friend. 
Though it is still unclear whether it was a birthday gift or a present for some celebration, whatever it is, the big is undoubtedly big and worth writing about. 
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