Lil Wayne receives "I am hip-hop award" at BET Awards 2018

Lil Wayne receives BET Awards 2018
Lil Wayne accepted the "I am hip-hop award" on Tuesday at BET Hip Hop Awards, 2018. The same had already been predicted a few weeks ago, however, watching it come true gives each and every person immense happiness and pleasure. The artist began his career long time ago with The Hot Boys, however, his contribution to the music industry has only grown with passing years. His vast amount of efforts and passion towards his goal has benefitted both, him and his audience. And this perhaps is the only reason why he truly deserves what he has achieved today, including the award at BET, 2018. 
Wayne gave away a very emotional and overwhelming speech at the event, paying gratitude towards his fans and thanking his friends, family and team members for being a great source of support, all through these years. 
While this is all about how Wayne got honoured, there are various other such stories that took place at BET, 2018. Remain in touch with us at Flow online to gain deeper insights into the award function. 
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