DJ Khaled buys a plethora of lottery tickets!

DJ Khaled buys a plethora of lottery tickets

DJ Khaled recently took to his Instagram to share a post regarding his new shopping. What he has bought has nothing to do with clothes, cars, jewelry or properties but something that merely any of us can imagine! YES! he has bought a shit ton of lottery tickets from the gas station last night. 

It is still not confirmed as to how much in total has he spent to get these homes, but what he flaunts through his post states clearly that they are not any less in number. Each ticket is for $2 and the cash reward for the winner if the same is around $900 million. The total amount will however not be given to the candidate because the half of it will be consumed by the government. Keeping aside the share, the winner will still be claiming a hefty amount $500 million (after taxes). This is all about becoming as rich as Beyonce in only a matter of a night. 
While Khaled is all set to try his luck, let us see who wins it and what comes out as the aftermath of the same. To stay updated, keep in touch with us at Flow Online to grab details about all the trending stories of HIP HOP World. For further details, requests and feedback, call us up or simply write a mail. We wish to hear from you soon. 
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