Trouble the rapper gets his mother a new mansion!

"I want you to know I appreciate everything, mama,"  Trouble stated when his mother stepped out of the car blindfolded. "Welcome to your new house." he said when she opened her eyes. The sight of a beautiful house left his mother in tears after which she hugged her son tightly in an emotional embrace.  
Trouble recently uploaded a short clip of this entire scene on his IG account. Here's what he has written as a caption: 
"My Mama C did it all an im foreva grateful an proud to Be her son!," "I’d give the world if I could.. But for now, I can make it to where she has no Bills! The Big GOD Blessed me to put 4pateks on her new estate! Iaintstuttin my wrist!Im already lit!""Lets stop turnin up so much for da gram if you aint turnin up for yo fam! To erBody gettin money, got money or plan on gettin to it, NEVER forget who made sacrifices for you and Held u down & UP!"
Too much love and respect for this rapper who has taken the initiative of spreading a great message across the masses. Stay in touch with us at Flow Online to acquire more such inspirational stories.  
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