Dave East to drop his debut album in the first segment of 2019!

Dave East to drop his debut album
We all have been waiting for Dave East's debut album for a long time now. Over the past one year, East has dropped around 4 projects in total, including Karma, Karma 2, Paranoia 2 and Beloved. 
It is now that he has come out to talk about his new project which he plans to release in the first quarter of 2019 (February or March). He said that he wanted to make sure that things are settled in the right manner before he comes up with his debut so that no problem arises, once it is out. He adds that the title of his first studio album is going to be Survival. He has also posted a new picture on Instagram which sort of indicates that he is soon going to drop his new project. This post consists of his own picture to which he adds a caption which states: 
God bless the child that holds his own! 
While the curiosity and excitement about his upcoming project increases across the world after this announcement, what we at Flow Online wait for is the kind of response he is going to get once it is dropped. We wish him luck and success for it and pray that it gets listed on the Billboard list among the top tracks of the year. For more details, call or mail.
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