Post Malone's crocs gets sold out in only one day!

Post Malone's crocs sold out in 10 mins
The first batch of Posty's shoes got a great response from the masses. It took his lot only a day to get sold entirely. The response of this sort gave a clear indication to the makers that it was time for another drop and here it was, their second round. It will come as no shock to you that this second round of shoes got finished in less than twenty four hours. 
Post has filled his pockets with great deal of money, just before the holidays are about to begin. The idea of this partnership has given him enough profit. 

And this perhaps has given birth to a new question: Will there be a new/third round of shoes? While answer to this is not yet out, we also think that this can turn out to be a permanent deal between the artist and the company as the sales of the shoes are going extensively high with every new arrival. 
Post Malone crocs stand among the most coveted pieces of an artist's merchandise, this year. With amazing marketing strike, Post has made a place for himself in the new kind of industry that is not about music, but lifestyle. 
while our eyes remain on his next plan, we will soon give you updates on what he is up to after this. For more information, remain in touch with us at Flow Online.
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