Black Thought and Salaam Remi killed it on Jimmy's show!

Black Thought and Salaam Remi killed it on Jimmy's show
Black Thought and Salaam Remi after freshly putting up their collab Streams of Thoughts Volume 2: Black Thought x Salaam Remi presents Traxploitation, were invited to Jimmy Fallon's show. 
The two were seen on the recent show of Fallon where the duo also performed on their song "Conception" from the latest tracklist. The instrumentation given to Fallon's show is prepared by The Roots, a band, of which Black Thought is also a crucial part. Hence, acquiring an opportunity of this sort was something that Black didn't want to let go, especially when the same had to be performed on a show, that itself holds great importance among the masses. 
The group doesn't really play this kind of music on a usual basis, but going out of their way just to team up with Black Thought, clearly showed their respect towards their teammate. 
The performance on whole turned out to be pretty fun and engaging for all.  And Black left no stone unturned in showing how good his lyrics always are by putting up a song that goes like: 
 “Look/ I am no fashion model but/ I got fresh for photographers/ The camo coat had the collar up/ ‘Cause my emotions was bottled up/ And though the ocean did not erupt/ It turned up ’til it's loud enough/ To just make somethin' out of us.” 
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