Drake's motivational goals to make 2019 a strong game!

Drake's motivational goals
New Year resolution is a thing for real. But there's really no point in even making it when you cannot remain committed to it. Every year people set some resolutions for themselves to not only improve their lifestyles but also to add quality to their personality. While for a maximum chunk of the population these are all about eating less, sleeping less, spending more time with family and else. Drake comes out with something unique which is solid enough to beat the resolution system. 
According to him, a resolution can be worked upon with full power only when you promise yourself that you will be at it, no matter what. Drake reminds the audience that since now 2019 is in full swing, it is time that you execute your resolutions can make full fledged changes in your life. While yours is still not known to him, here's how he shares his: 
"All that resolution stuff is great. All that mental talk to yourself is great. But what you gotta do on the first is you gotta get up and actually do it,"  he mentioned. "January 1st, the first opportunity to do all the stuff you told yourself you were gonna do. Go get it. added Drizzy. 
While these words for sure act as a great set of motivation for masses. Let's see how many out of you'll actually take it seriously. With this wishing you a Very Happy New Year. Stay in touch with us at Flow Online to know what this brand new year has got for our your favorite celebrities and hip hop artists. 
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