Taylor has been a constant support system to Selena: Reports

Taylor Swift and selena gomez
Celebs do not really share a very cosy and warm relationship with each other when they belong to the same industry and provide the same type of content to it. The rivalry doubles when the number of fans on both the side is almost equal and the two come from the same gender. Howbeit, this one is totally an exception when it comes to being a supporter of the other. 
Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez make one such duo which gives friendship goals to the entire world. 
Selena had caused a lot of worry in her life, back when she announced that she would be going down for mental health facility. The news spread around like a fire leading her to think that this would either decrease her social circle or reduce the number of her fans and followers. But while so much took place in her life both professionally and privately, it was her bestie Taylor who stayed by her side through it all. 
This is what the sources have to say about the relationship that this duo shares: 
“Selena is in a really good place. She's taking time for herself and reconnecting with friends and important people in her life,” “Taylor has always been a constant source of comfort for Selena, and aside from having a great friendship, the two are able to connect on a level that most will never understand.” “They are two of the most famous people in the world and deal with things normal people don't have to think about,” “At the end of the day the most important thing for Selena is to be happy." 
It gives us immense happiness to know that Selena is doing pretty well now. For more updates on your favorite celebs, remain in touch with Flow Online
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