Soulja Boy knows no end!

Soulja Boy comeback
Soulja Boy has been grabbing a lot of public attention since his comeback in the industry. Not only is he talking about his comeback journey everywhere but has also spoken about how he tried hard to sell his Soulja Boy console. The console, according to the artist himself, has around 800 games on it. 500 million units of which have already been sold.
The story here revolves around only one question and that is: If he really sold all those consoles, how much money did he actually make out of them? And if he has made a huge earning of out, where did all of it go? 
But just when people stopped thinking about it, Boy came up with an ideal answer on Instagram. The celeb has recently posted a picture on his social media profile. This picture announces his new vehicle purchase which is a Bentley Truck. Soulja's new whip goes between $200,000-$250,000. 
These pictures are everywhere, and the best part is that it is not just one but three in total with various captions such as: 
  • I been that Nigga they just now realizing it.  
  • Woke up and bought a Bentley truck 
While Soulja Boy flexes his new whip in full swing, we wait to see what other artists would do next to get on till his level. Have you checked out his new car already? 
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