Offset calls his forthcoming album " Smoking hot"

Offset calls his forthcoming album Smoking hot
Offset is giving his best to promote his upcoming solo album. While there is no end to the promotional teasers that he is putting forth to advertise about his album, what among them attracted the most attention is his recent Instagram post. The post consists of his own picture where he is blowing out a big cloud smoke from his mouth. While it is hard to judge what he actually wanted to put across through that image, his caption along with the post makes it very clear that the smoke is indicated towards his forthcoming solo album. 
M Y A L B U M  S M O K I N G  H O T  W H O  W A N T  S M O K E , is how he has captioned his post. 
"Yes, I am releasing a solo record. And no, you can’t get a title. Nowadays, we’re drowned in a constant flow of information. You get tons of content without having to do a thing, it’s just getting to you non-stop,"   he stated. 
"I want my album to come out when the time is right, and the way I see it a title is already one piece of information too many. I don’t want people to be projecting anything into it before the album’s even out, whether it’s their wishes or their opinions. I take my time because I want to be sure it all makes sense."   he added.
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