Soulja Boy wishes to connect with Tyga!

Soulja Boy wishes to connect with Tyga
Soulja Boy is one of those artists who delivered us the finest soundbite of the year this time when he yelled "HUH?! TYGA?! TYYYGA?!". A fan on the other side stated that the "Taste" rapper is the one who had the greatest comeback in the year 2018. While this stands very much true after coming across the hard work that he has put in, who on the contrary is totally amused is Tygo who broke the Kardashian Curse. Though Tyga did not have any negative feelings for Soulja, he still uploaded a post on Instagram comparing his work with Soulja. This comparison was made on the basis of the Spotify list of 2018. Turns out Tyga's efforts did not go in vain because he won by a slide. 
Now what the battle of who had the greatest comeback has blown over, it is Soulja who is planning to fit in a Tyga verse in his forthcoming project. We might also encounter a collaboration between the two artists if the agreement settles. 
A video has recently emerged on social media with Soulja with his gang in a studio. This clip includes Murda Beatz where he thinks that the project they are working on is missing on something, while at the same time Soulja states he thinks that the album would go Platinum. 
"Aye, you got to put Tyga on the album, though," Murda Beatz told Soulja Boy 
"Man, let's get it,"  "Call Tyga! Get Tyga on the phone, man."  added Soulja
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