50 cent sells his Connecticut Mansion at a huge discount!

50 cent sells his Connecticut Mansion at a huge discount!
It is one of that time of the year when 50 Cent has not got any profits on his investment and in fact the return is in big losses. The recent reports reveal that he has finally put off his Connecticut Mansion which he was trying to sell since a very long time. It is said that the rapper took hold of this 50,000 square foot property in 2017 for $18.5M and the price at which he has sold it is direct 84% down. The rapper has got off from it at $3M and it seems that he hasn't kept even a penny in his pocket from this amount. 
All the money that he has made from this sale has not entered in his personal bank account but has straight away gone in the name of donation. Yes! the 21 bedroom mansion's sale will be proceeded towards charity. A close source has revealed that every single penny that he has earned from this deal will be going to the G-Unity Fund, a project that he has launched himself to help low-income kids and communities in America. 
The property undoubtedly was a huge one because not only did it consist only of 21 bedrooms but 25 bathrooms, nine kitchens, outdoor infinity pool along with a grotto, a pool in the interior, pond, nightclub, helicopter pad, casino, basketball court and what not. 
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