Tiny speaks about her summertime fit body!

Tiny speaks about her summertime fit body
The sunny season is almost around the corner now. It is time for those who have been working on their summer bodies to unveil themselves because the season where they can show off their shape and figure has already begun. And while plenty of them are going through their own fitness journeys to achieve their body goals, Tiny at one end is talking about how she wishes to get summertime fine:
“Honestly, semi-pescatarian, because I just started eating meat a little bit,” 
“I feel like a little bit of anything in moderation is okay.”I don’t really eat out,"  “I do plan on working out a lot, because I wanna be summertime fine,” “I was boxing, and I do want to get back into boxing [again] and working out more. — That’s the plan.”
“I’ve done this before, and I showed myself that I could do it. So, I know later, if I ever want to do it again, I could do it,”  “It’s hard with a baby!”, she says, adding, "She's the queen of the house." 
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