Jimmy Kimmel translates "Go Loko" lyrics for the older generation to understand

YG has recently dropped off a really exciting and bumpin' track called "Go Loko" which does not only have an amazing set of lyrics but also an equally enjoyable visual. Since the video of the same consist of beautiful women along with majestic horses, the song through this addition has gained a very colorful visual and aura.
During his visit to the Jimmy Kimmel show, he was made to perform the best verse of his track. This further led to a period where Jimmy himself translated this song for his older audience as he believed that it must have been hard for them to understand the new gen slang. 
"YG has a new single called 'Go Loko.' It’s a beautiful song about life, love, and relationships. However, if you’re of an older generation, it might be hard to follow," "So as a service to our slang-challenged viewers, Jimmy & YG are here to help translate..."
According to Jimmy "my bitch go loko" means a lady friend has got mental issues.  "Slide on a bitch with the .44,"and this according to him means a woman will never fall short in taking up arms against her man's enemies. 
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