T.I pays tribute to Nipsey Hussle at BET Awards!

T.I has always been an eloquent one which is why he is known to be people's voice. And because BET Awards came across a great platform for him to express something on a huge note, he used it to pay a tribute to Nipsey Hussle. 
"There will never be another Nipsey Hussle," "Ermias 'Nipsey Hussle' Asghedom was more than a rapper, a teacher, activist, and philanthropist. He was a revolutionary. His emphasis on the power of equity and ownership of our art led the charge of independence and created a blueprint for up-and-coming artists today to follow.""He was our blessing and he inspired people across the world while never abandoning the community and culture that raised him,""It's been nearly three months since we lost Nip, and many are still discovering how legendary he really was. Man, that's because Nip wasn't a clout chaser. Or a social media activist. He was a real one. A true king. Simply concerned with promoting human welfare, uplifting those around him.""As a prolific artist his lyrics and interviews are immensely powerful, but his actions spoke even louder,""To anyone following a dream, you may feel alone. But people are watching. Drawing inspiration from how you chase your passion and handle your adversities. Nip proved that your life is your canvas, and your body of work is your legacy. As an artist, he was Nipsey Hussle the Great. As a humanitarian, he was a leader well beyond his years. His life may have been cut short, but his canvas bore legacy that will permeate neighborhoods around the world forever."
Truly said that there will never be another Nipsey Hussle. 
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