Boosie Badazz gets mad at Starbucks!

Boosie Badazz gets mad at Starbucks
If you haven't been following Badazz on his Instagram, then are you even living your life? He does not just use it for putting across his music but also a variety of candid thoughts on an assortment of topics such as #MetooMovement, Lion King and whatnot. Even though when it gets controversial for him, he manages to cover it up all pretty well by sprinkling bits and pieces of humour on it. The rapper recently came up on Instagram to talk about his views on Starbucks and how they should get done with the breakfast game now. 
"I just left stupid ass Starbucks, right,"  "They sellin' sausage, egg and cheese sandwiches [and] bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches but, they do not sell jelly with their biscuits. Bitch get out the fuckin' business. Get out the fuckin' biscuit business, Starbucks, please. Serve yo' fuckin' coffee and your chillattes and your whatever the fuck it is you serve and get out the mothafuckin' biscuit game." he mentioned not only to target Starbucks specifically but also other breakfast restaurants who do not think of selling the jelly without giving away the biscuits. 

"If you don't have jelly for your biscuits. You need to be out the fuckin' the breakfast business game." 
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