Rick Ross on a possible collab album with Drake

Rick Ross on a possible collab album with Drake
"Just waking up in the hospital with all your homeboys, it's like they had they back to me,"
 "I just rose up, and everybody like WHAT? And I'm like, we at the club? It most definitely made me reevaluate and approach some things more directly than I ever have. I still pray records like "Fascinated" and "Running The Streets," I most know I took it somewhere else with those records." reflects Ross.  
And while he explains this, he also throws light on what happened when he was sleep-deprived and also had codeine deficiency "My doctor told me, you gotta get some sleep," says Ross. "But my passion and the fire that burn in me for certain things, it wouldn't let me sleep...This particular time, something came up and went back down out of my stomach. They rushed me to the hospital."  by adding that seeing all his close ones getting emotional during that time was enough for him to give his perspective a new start and a better one. 
He at the same time also talked about Drake and how there might be a collab. "We do some of the dopest records,""That bond is genuine. He's recognized, Grammy-wise, and he deserves that. What I do, I feel the streets deserve that."I just think naturally and honestly we fans of each other,""I remember the first time a chick ever told me about this artist Drake, I said well play him! When I heard him, I heard his tone, I heard his melodies, he went from rapping to singing. I was like, that's different."
And while this is only a portion of his interview, you can check out the full version to know what else he spoke about. For more updates and news stories on celebs, remain in touch with us at Flow Online. 
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